While I Was Gone...

Wow, that was a long absence.

Some interesting things happened while I was gone:

Comic-Con 2005. I went to 4 out of 5 days of the Con from July 13-17. I missed Saturday because one of my best friends got married, but it was well worth it. Steve Sansweet's Star Wars presentation on Friday was not as amazing as last year's (I mean, how can you top Carrie Fisher, Hayden Christensen, and the Episode III title unveiling), but there were still some cool things shown. The best thing was the short film The Journey which chronicled the last steps of the Revenge of the Sith production, including the promotional tours. But there is one thing I did not understand: The footage in The Journey from the London premiere shows the audience booing Ian McDiarmid and cheering Hayden Christensen and George Lucas. But why? I don't understand. Why would they boo Ian? He is an amazing actor. Don't they like him there? Until I find an explanation for that behavior, I will only think those people were a bunch of confused individuals. Sorry, I'm a Palpatine fan.

I am no longer a Padawan. It took me 5 years (I graduated in 1999) to get my sh...shtuff together, but on August 2 I presented my college professional exam and I got my bachelor's degree in communications. It felt good to get that out of the way.

Oh, and It was my birthday a couple of days ago (September 19). Had a good time.

That's it. Later.