Ghost From The Past

Oh, man.  How I hated junior high school.

Check this out, a guy (let's call him "Rolando El Rabioso") sent me this message through Facebook:

"Rolando El Rabioso wrote:
June 19 at 10:14pm
hey, this may be a bit weird but did you go to Sec. Tec. # 29 around 20 years ago? I'm just trying to find old friends from school.

Ismael Alejandro Moreno Ozuna wrote:
Today at 8:53am
Oh yeah, and weren’t you that f**king asshole who used to punch people in the face every time he got mad, and even though he said he was my friend he used to criticize every f**king thing that I did, or did not do, and talk shit about me behind my back, and even after I put up with that shit he stopped talking to me for no apparent reason and continued to talk s**t about me and call me names? Yeah, unfortunately I remember you. You won’t find a friend here. F**k off!

Rolando El Rabioso wrote:
Today at 9:01am
ja then I dare you to say it to my face pendejo. I DARE YOU THEN

Rolando El Rabioso wrote:
Today at 9:04am
things are in the past and I do apologize. We were kids and unfortunately things happen."

Hahaha…. Yeah, yeah, yeah… he’s very sorry… For the record, when we were in junior high, the rest of us were 12-15 years old and this guy was 15-18… hardly a kid.

If I have learned something over the years is that bullies (and/or back stabbers, in this case) are the most sensitive kind of people in the world… if you get back at them, one of two things can happen… either you make them cry like a little girl with a skinned knee… or they will get back at you times 3… so, it’s better to stay away from this kind of people.

How about you guys? Do you have any war stories from junior high school that we could turn into a comic book or short film? :)