You're in Bantha Tracks!‏


This is one of the nicest messages I have received in a while…

I recently made some Star Wars fan art, "Jar Jar Binks vs. Darth Maul" and "Ann & Tann Gella." Last night I got this e-mail:

"We’ve just finished the edit of the upcoming Insider magazine, and I’m pleased to tell you that your submission will be in the upcoming Bantha Tracks issue #42, due out on newsstands and in your subscriber mailbox soon!

Thank you for submitting your contributions to Bantha Tracks. You truly make it “By the Fans. For the Fans.”

Mary Franklin
Senior Events Lead
Editor, Bantha Tracks
Lucasfilm Ltd."

So, I guess at least one of my drawings will be published.

I would like to publicly thank Bantha Tracks, Star Wars Insider Magazine, Hyperspace (The Official Star Wars Fan Club), and for their kind attention.

This is so cool!