Tony Loves Chorizo

This is an inside joke we've had with the Nerdmigos during the last 4 months. It all started when our friend Tony declared his undying love for chorizo (no gay connotation here, mind you, we all know he is all about the pussy, but, he's just a guy who, well, loves chorizo… in his mouth… I mean… to eat it… that is… ok, let's move on). Then, we started reading about these weird stories in the news involving sausage incidents ("Assault With An 8-Inch Sausage," "Sausage breaks drivers nose," "Meat Hero: Man Gets Struck By Lightning While BBQing, Only Utters 'Sausages'"). It seemed odd that Tony and this mysterious "Sausage Bandit" were never seen at the same place and time. So, anyway, for some reason this image came to my head.

This drawing is an homage of the Action Comics #1 cover, famous for introducing Superman back in 1938. I know that hot dogs are not the same as chorizo, but whatever. I found several versions of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, but I decided to go with the original 1936 Carl G. Mayer-designed vehicle since I thought it would be more fitting. For the Sausage Bandit costume I used the classic underwear over tights thing and I decided to loose the cape, since I couldn't think of a reason why he would use one. He really doesn't have any superpowers, hence the crane holding the car. For those who haven't purchased a comic since the days of Donald Duck in the 30's or haven't been to a comic book store since the silver foil-stamped embossed hologram covers in the 90's, $2.99 USD is the average price for an issue these days.

So, there you go.

This one's for you, Tony. Happy Birthday buddy!

P.S. Give'em Hell Sausage Bandit!


This is so fucking creepy.

Meat-processing exec Oscar Mayer dead at 95

Did somebody show him my drawing today? Hope I didn't have anything to do with it... or the Sausage Bandit :s