“Vader Arrives” ‘Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back’ 30th. Anniversary

Vader Arrives The Empire Strikes Back by IAMO

I had all the intention of finishing this piece last summer, but for some reason or the other this was another sketch that was laying around until I had the time to work on it. Better late than never. I still had a lot of fun working on this. This drawing represents everything I love in Star Wars: My favorite Star Wars movie (‘The Empire Strikes Back’), my favorite Star Wars character (Darth Vader), my favorite Star Wars vehicle (the AT-AT Walker), and of course, I love drawing stormtroopers/clonetroopers ever since I was a kid. The idea for the composition came from this “The Force Unleashed” screen shot. I thought it would help me capture that moment when Vader arrives at Hoth. Hope you like it!