Robot Vs. Zombie

This doodle is dedicated to my imaginary friend, Adrián "The Insane One" Zambrano. He is the one who came up with the idea of having a Bender-like robot fight off a zombie in a pose like the one in the "Rocky v. Apollo" painting by Leroy Neiman shown at the end of Rocky III (1982). For the zombie character design, I looked no further than George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (1978), where the actors and extras playing zombies had a basic blue or gray makeup. For the robot, I really wanted a design with very basic shapes, like squares and circles, so, I researched some robots featured in movies and serials from 1920-1940. I loved the robots in the Superman animated short film, "The Mechanical Monsters" (1941) and also in the Italian science fiction film, The Mechanical Man (1921). So, a lot of the character design came from those robots. I also had a lot of fun doing the background, trying out different brushes. Hope you like it!

Who will win in this title fight of the apocalypse?

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